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Core Purpose

To deliver high quality, reliable and innovative products/services to the underground coal industry in a safety-conscious environment.

Shaft Sinking

We have constructed shafts with cross sectional areas of 155 to 800 square feet at depths over 1,500 feet. All with the flexibility to provide our customers with the optimum design configuration that best suits their application. These would include designs that are round, elliptical, round end, single or multi compartment. Shaft bottom stations can be custom designed to provide optimum efficiencies for ventilation, elevators, manways, emergency escape capsules, skips, pump stations, equipment staging and utility line installation.

Specialty Services

Backfilled Arch Installation

For long-term roof and rib support, backfilled steel arches are a proven solution. Our proprietary Celufill lightweight concrete backfill enhances the carrying capacity of arches by reducing point loads, increases beam capacity, and lengthens the life of supported entry areas. We supply Celufill at compressive strengths tailored to meet site-specific needs. Celufill can be pumped long distances from remote surface locations to reduce the cost of material transport.

Backfill Installation

When mining sections have advanced prior to shaft sinking, our Celufill lightweight concrete backfill gives clients the option to still conventionally sink shafts. Our backfill has enough compressive strength to support work from above while being light enough to easily excavate. Celufill lightweight concrete backfill can also serve to create barriers in mine entries for blasting purposes. This product can be installed from long distance surface operations or operations in the mine.

Concrete Pumping

Remotely pumped concrete eliminates costly, time-consuming transport and handling of prepackaged material. We can pump concrete for walkway and conveyor belt transfer point floors up to 5,000 feet from the surface to the installation.

Where remote pump placement is impractical, our on-site underground mixing and pumping system is an economical solution.

Elevator Steel Installation

R. G. Johnson plays an integral role in the installation of your portal elevator system through the installation of downhole steel support beams. Our crews are known especially for the precision and efficiency of their steel installation work. Customers can save additional time by having the task completed adjacent to a previous project onsite, or have the installation completed on ad hoc basis.

Long hole & Other Horizontal Drilling

To help you confirm barrier distances or pump water into or out of old works, our skilled crews can safely drill in-seam horizontal holes, hundreds of feet in length. We also drill through seals or other concrete barriers to provide safe access points into old works.

Mine Shaft Repair

Decades of shaft-sinking expertise gained under challenging conditions have made us the experts in shaft damage repair. We control water leaks and replace damaged concrete quickly and reliably.

Roof Bolting & Ground Support

When conditions make mechanized techniques impractical, our expert crews use gopher and jackleg drills for safe spot bolting and entry rehabilitation. Our experience installing high strength, post tension cable and rock bolts with novel drilling and grouting techniques provides engineered solutions for support requirements of high walls and challenging roof conditions.

Shotcrete Application

To minimize dust and improve installation quality, R. G. Johnson uses pre-dampening equipment when applying semi-dry-process shotcrete. We can pump material from a remote surface location deep underground. Our highly qualified teams increase the life of mine entries by applying premium materials to mine roofs and ribs. Typical applications include reinforcement of portal bottoms, air-shaft approaches, sumps, overcasts, and conveyor belt transfer points.

In situations that preclude remote pumping, our portable underground pre-dampening and pumping system is an effective solution.